Paj Ntaub - Hmong needlework

Paj ntaub ("pan dow"- flower cloth) is an integral part of the Hmong culture. This traditional needlework or cloth embroidery dates back several centuries and is an art form of creating patterns and designs with thousands needle strokes on a fabric cloth. The designer of the paj ntaub will usually incorporate symbolic images into the paj ntaub, whether it is family clan, nature, or folklore. 

Today, we are passing along the paj ntaub art to the next youth generation with workshops and classes on how to create a paj ntaub work of art. From the beginning stages of planning, designing, to the manual sewing of the cloth with various color threads and fabric cutouts to produce a vision of the paj ntaub as imagined by the youth who created it.

On all the pages of this website, the left and right borders are magnified views of paj ntaub created by our instructor - niam Chong Lee Vang.


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Paj ntaub Instructor - Chong Lee Vang

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